LAB 1: Network Defence

About Course

This Lab focuses on building security on the network level, as well as methods for encrypting information, building secure connections, and authentication, in order to store and transmit sensitive information thus providing you with adequate network security skills. This lab consists of 2 sub-labs: Sub-Lab 1.1: Industrial Networking & Sub-Lab 1.2: Network security and diagnostics.
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  • Technologically advanced skills in a project-based, collaborative fashion.
  • You will be able to practice your skills in a safe environment without the risk of corrupting real data.
  • Cyber security skills.
  • Competence at the EU level



  • Head of departments in developing SMEs
  • Employees and cybersecurity professionals from SMEs
  • Vocational students with technical profiles
  • VET trainers in the field of cybersecurity.

Material Includes

  • Presentations
  • Assessment questionnaires
  • Online Resources

Course Curriculum

Lab 1.1: Industrial Networking
Industrial Protocols used by Industry 4.0 - OSI reference model - Firewalls configuration - Authentication - Network Segmentation Architectures

Lab 1.2: Network security and diagnostics
Monitoring Network Traffic and Troubleshooting - Network and Host Intrusion Detection - Wireless network protection; Network Incident Response - Network Encryption, Backups and Recovery - Securing connections between industrial and enterprise networks

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